If you didn’t fill out a quote form on the home page you can get a hold of me and ask me anything you want.  Whether it be about my specific services or maybe about how an event should flow.  I can help you out even if you decide not to hire me or I am booked.  I have been doing this for 20 years and have seen a lot of  different weddings and felt with a lot of different weather, vendors, brides, mothers, venues, etc.  I service all of Souther California and don’t mind traveling to the Bay area and Vegas.


You can call me toll free at 877-897-1070

You can text me at 951-522-9788

You can email me at AdamDJPaz@me.com

or click here and it will take you to the quote form at the Home page.

    I feel that the equipment and the music choice is not the only way to be a good DJ. Since the DJ will or at least should be interacting with the crowd, personality is a huge factor. Nothing can convey personality without seeing, hearing and interacting with the person. We live in a busy world and in So cal, traffic and the FWYs can be troublesome. We also live in the age of internet so in order to convey a little bit of my personality I posted a video clip of a wedding I did doing the garter and bouquet toss and a sound bite of a Grand Intro. I will also be more than willing to Skype, FaceTime, etc so that all three of us can chat and interact with convenience. Most meetings I conduct Live or over Skype take 15-20 min and usually you can’t drive anywhere to meet in less than that time.   From this page I have a link too of some of my mixes up at the top labeled MUSIC. They are just samples and poor quality for faster downloading. I never use a preset playlist or recording for a wedding since they are all different so your wedding will have its own custom set.  My range of music is Old School, Disco, 80’s, swing, Top-40, Hip hop, rap, rock n roll, Country, Oldies, ballroom, in the Latin category Cumbias, Merengue, salsa, bachata, nortenas, tamboraso, banda and anything I can download since I almost always have a hotspot and can download music on the fly dependent on cell reception.

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