Yes that’s right I offer this very useful service.  Over the years of DJing weddings I have on several occasions become the day of coordinator to some extent.  I’m always there early and before guest so I see a lot of the things going around before the ceremony and reception.  I as a DJ get with 60% of the vendors required to make the reception go smooth.   I coordinate with the venue on times and who is my staff members in case I need something, I meet the photographer and see what has game plan is, I talk with the cater and make sure he will be ready when I make my announcements, I meet and greet the officiant to make sure he’s micro-phoned and ready to go, I line up the party and make sure they know what music they are walking down to and when to go, ask the bartender if there are any special arrangements that I need to announce, all this and I’m just the DJ.  Well I decided to use my 16 years in management at my corporate job to fill in the rest of the 40% of vendors and offer Day Of Wedding Coordinator.  In addition to all the vendors mentioned above that I speak to and coordinate with, I will coordinate with the Florist, cake baker, dress and make up crew, decorations crew, tables and linen crew and anyone else that you have hired for the event.  I will make sure that I have everyones emails and phone numbers and be the very first one on site at the reception the day of.  I will check in with everyone to make sure they understand that I will be the one that is coordinating the wedding.  I can solve small problems to the best of my ability. I have hundreds of weddings under my belt as a DJ and have seen all kinds of scenarios from rain to missing tables to cake falling over so I will add that experience along with my management skills to help coordinate the wedding you planned and leave you stress free on your special day.  My fee is simple.  $500 and you have me for the whole morning, day and obviously till the end of the night no matter what size wedding.  The catch?  I only offer this as a supplemental service when hired as a DJ.  Inquire if you feel that this is something that you would like me to take care of if you don’t have your own wedding planner/coordinator.

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