Full Event DJ, MC and Lighting Services.

With over 20 years of experience I strive to give all your guest the best experience at your event.   The goal is to make sure everyone has a chance to DANCE.   It can mean changing the type of music every 3-4 songs or keeping it the same all night long.  We tailer every choice of songs to each individual event.  I specialize in the variety of people  that a wedding brings so much so that I personally GUARANTEE  my services. You get your money back if you and your guest didn’t enjoy your night!

The DJ can make or break your event!

My Goal is to make sure and even guarantee that just about everyone has a good time. If that means playing a wide variety of music, then that’s what I will do. Whether you have a wide age group that requires a wide variety of music or a specific age that wants their era music only, I will customize your event 1 song at a time. I don’t come with a predetermined playlist, then just push play. No, I mix the music live because every event is different. I bring thousands of songs and can even download music on the spot to ensure that the music will be just right for you. With over 20 years of experience, I can help. I promise you and your guest will have a fun experience.

What should you be able to ask of any DJ?

Whether you decide to use me or another DJ you should expect certain things from your DJ.  Here are some of the questions you should ask and make sure the answer is YES every time. Also there should not be an extra charge for these basic services.  Even if you don’t use me or Im booked and still want some advice on what you should look for in a DJ feel free to call me.

  • (1) Do you change your clothes and dress appropriate for the event?
  • (2) Do you bring your own table and is your set up clean and neat?
  • (3) Do you MC the event?  e.g. announcing, getting people gathered up, dismissing tables
  • (4) Do you change the song right away if nobody is dancing to the music?
  • (5) Do you play old and newer music to accommodate old and young people?
  • (6) Do you have censored music, I will have young kids in the crowd?

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