I Offer Lighting for all occasions indoor or out.  Do you want to spruce up the room? Do you want to make the decorations complete, after all you did spend a lot of time and thought to decorate the tables, why not the room with some lights to make it all look magical? Do you want to make the landscaping colorful in the dark? Do you want to make the mood fit just right?  Lighting will help with that. Whether it is color coordinated up lighting on the walls, spot lighting on decorations to accent them, or party lights to fill the room during the dancing....we can fill the room up with the right atmosphere. Take a look at the gallery to see an example of what a difference lighting can make on your special event.  Also since the lights we use are state of the art LEDs, when its time to party they can be switched to flash to the music. 1 light 2 purposes as shown on the video at bottom below, something standard par-can uplighting cannot do.  LED lights also do not emit heat so any guest sitting by the light will not get hot and children walking around intrigued by the light will not get burned if the touch it, because that’s what children do.


I can also provide String lighting to add that Tuscany outdoor feel as you will see in the barrel room pictures below and Monograms with your initials, names or dates on it. Once the party begins the Monogram will spin and flash different colors to enhance the party atmosphere.

In the next two videos below, it shows what the regular dance floor lighting effect does.

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