One of the most important days of your life and you only get one shot to get it all right.  Experience counts and also the ability to work on the fly if needed.  The DJ has a role more than just playing music when it comes to a wedding.  Even when just “playing music”, that needs to be tailored differently for a wedding than for a birthday, graduation or house party.  Family from little niece Taylor to gran-pa Sam is at the wedding and nobody should be left out.  The cake, you know what it’s going to look like.  The flowers, you picked out.  You have chosen your photographer, picked out your picture perfect spot and have seen all his/her work.  The DJ... Unless you have time to sit through another wedding and listen to him all night, you have to trust him with your special night.  That is the main reason referrals is my best source of business.

      I have been doing weddings for over 20 years and I have always been able to make a playlist to handle the night.  Every wedding is different and I cater to each crowd on a personal basis.  With a variety of music on hand each night I have the capability to make sure everyone has a good time.  I even have ballroom dancing experience so if you have lots of guest looking to salsa, waltz, foxtrot, swing, tango and more I know exactly what to play.  I will be watching the crowd all night and see who’s sitting a lot and who’s dancing a lot. I have been doing this so long I can read a crowd pretty good, and when I have only been playing newer music and some of the older ones have not been up to dance I will change it to something I think they will like and vice versa.  I don’t mind people coming up to request music. It give me an idea of what people are looking for.  It does not always mean I will play every request, some people don’t realize that its hard to dance to Metallica but they come up and request it anyways.  It is alway my goal to keep the dance floor going.  I do not want to be the reason why your special night was not a fun night.

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What I do for you! 

For all my clients that are getting married and would like a DJ & MC I can help.  Once you hire me, I will send you our DANCE Experiences wedding itinerary form which will help you organize your ceremony and reception timeline.  This is helpful if you are planning the wedding yourself.   If you already have that handled then all we need is a copy of yours the day of the wedding. 


     Some of the smaller details we take care of is being in constant communication with the photographer to make sure he or she is around for all the shots.  We don’t start the cake cutting or first dance without them.  I also make sure parents are around because I know they would hate to have missed the first dance because they just happened to not be around.   Once the reception starts you shouldn't have to worry about anything but having a good time.  Even if there is no wedding coordinator I have done so many weddings and with a good timeline and cooperative vendors I can take or give direction.  Contact me today for more info. My name is Adam.  I will be your DJ and point of contact ALWAYS!   Toll free at 877-897-1070 or you can text me at 951-522-9788

Ceremony and Finishing touches

If your ceremony is at the same location as the reception but not in the same room then you might need a little help setting up the sound and maybe microphones if needed.   Don’t worry you don’t need to hire another guy or ask your friend if you could borrow his PA system, although you could.  I have the solution for that.  I bought a small PA system just for ceremonies.  I didn’t want to have large speakers showing up in the pictures and since I don’t need to blast the music, I didn’t have to go large.  Instead I have a small but powerful enough PA system to accommodate a wedding ceremony.  I also have top of the line Shure microphones if needed to help the officiant and the bride and groom amplify their voice.

Sometimes a cocktail hour is not were the ceremony was and not were the reception is and I can provide music for that too.  If you had me set up the ceremony system then a cocktail hour small system is included as well.

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